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Post by Voice on Wed 12 Jan - 22:55

In The name of the Arab people of eRepublik

3 Arabic Countries Flag-egypt

Finally, the dream is materializing. The admins will create 3 Arab states; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. We must realize that the work had not ended, it is about to start. 3 states can be too much to manage at the time being, but with help of our friends around the world, we will have wonderful and prosperous three states linked together by the language and the common fight to create them all this year. TAGE (Temporary Arab Government in Exile) was created more than one year ago, to represent and unite the Arab players of the Game, and to lobby for the creation of the Arabic State. After the well establishment of the Arab states, TAGE will be umbrella of all Arab states, a kind of non-military alliance.

3 Arabic Countries Sa-lgflag

TAGE over its history had been always neutral, and it has always expressed the will of the Arabic player of the game to separate what is IG from what is IRL.There was rumors now, as well as one year back, that the TAGE and/or the future Arabic state will be naturally the enemy of eIsrael. Well, rumors are rumors. The official stand of TAGE supported by all Arab of the game is to lead a policy of neutrality and friendship toward its neighbors, we are friends to eIsrael, eTurkey, and eIran. We are not naturally against eUSA. We will be friends to those who want to be our friends

3 Arabic Countries Uae-flag

All free citizens of the world, please support TAGE. if you want to help us, or to move to one arabic state to help, please contact us so we can better organize.

thanks to all those who worked for TAGE since more than one year, and those who worked in the latest campaign for the Arabic states

Thanks to Admins

Thanks to all supporters past and recent, especially the country presidents who acknowledged us in the past

Long Live Egypt
Long Live Saudi Arabia
Long Live United Arab Emirates

Long Live TAGE

please shout this up
sub and vote


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